Mudanjiang is the central city in southeastern part of Heilongjiang province, consisting of 6 counties (cities), namely Suifenhe, Hailin, Ning’an, Muling, Dongning and Linkou, and 4 districts, namely Dong’an, Xi’an, Aimin and Yangming. The city has a total area of 40,600 km2 with a total population of 2.08 million including 240,000 people of 38 different minority ethnic groups such as Korean, Manchu, Hui and Mongol.
  Mudanjiang, with its coastal and favorable location, is an open city full of dynamic economic and trade activities. Mudanjiang is located in the heart of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle sharing a border of 211 km with Russia with a distance of 53 km to Russian Far East transport hub Ussuriysk, a distance of 153 km to Vladivostok Port, a linear distance of 50 ...

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